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Private sales websites are the hottest new thing to happen in retail. My girlfriends and I have been scouring the web for the best private sale sites, and after spending hours online looking at products, comparing prices, waiting at the doorstep for the fedex guy, and opening lots of boxes, we have finally compiled our list of the best online private sale sites. Enjoy! (The results are more emotional than scientific!)


Really good selection and the original private sale site for fashionistas. This site usually carries adequate inventories that does not sell out in the first minute of the sale's opening (I love that). The mix is of eclectic brands with a sprinkle of big designer brands. Several european brands that are hard to find in the USA also show up unexpectedly. The emphasis is on design. Great customer service, quick change of new products and amazing prices for in-season merchandise. Accesscodes that worked for us: 1207 or 2903 , or 2221. try them!
privatistas private sale

2. Neiman Marcus 24hr Flash Sales

The name says it all. Neiman has been around for over 100 years and they have access to the best brands. Even though major designer abhor the fact that Neiman is reducing their selling price, the designers have to live with it. Neiman does flash sales to their own existing customers. Very hard to get on that mailing list unless you know someone. Excellent service.
neiman private sale

3. Nordstrom Rack Sales

Nordstrom Rack has great deals on items that are made specifically for the discount store; Sometimes you will find things at Nordstrom's Rack that did not make the shelves at Nordstrom stores. Get on their mailing list to find out about a special and go get it, before they run out of sizes.

nordstom private sale


Yoox is based in Europe and ships from Europe. It has a very nice selection of prior season items at 30 to 70% off. The site has a very wide choice of contemporary products if you like european brands. register for their myoox to receive better deals than what they normally sell. I think that they used to be members only and now they've changed that. Good customer service.

yoox private sale


5. Gilt Group

A pretty new entry into the discount retail business. Gilt finds designer's items and sells them at 30% to 70% off. They also sell limited availability items and sells them at ful price. They were selling DeGaulle bags that retailed for $1,250 dollars at $1,250 dollars, that may sound strange, but only 47 pieces were made for the winter Olympics. So there are 47 lucky owners of those unique pieces. Great customer service and quick shipping. The site is easy to navigate, but the timing of the sales is a little bit confusing at first.
gilt private sale


6. HauteLook

Good selection of items, mostly brands based in the Los Angeles area. They have a mixture of merchandise that they get from the different brands on consignment or from stores that cannot sell their goods at full retail. Shipping and customer service is very good and the quality of the products are what is advertised.

7. Ruelala

Nice product selection, mostly New York based brands as well as popular brands. The mix is well done and well merchandised. Runs out of the best products really fast which makes one wonder if they stock very few pieces just to get people in the door. Good quality merchandise and good service. We found some great pieces there.


Best Travel Private Sale:

Kayak Private Salekayak

Best Fashion Private

privatistas private sale

Our Last Thought: We hope that you enjoyed our list and our shopping experiment as much as we did. We did not just shop because we love to look fantastic, but we were doing it for a greater cause. i.e., 'To enlighten our fellow shoppers!'

Make sure to visit these places before paying full price at overburdened retailers. This is the future as was predicted several years ago when we were in grade school and it is finally here!!! Hooray for great pricing. You can find the best designer items online and at the best prices possible directly from the manufacturers.

This was a lot of fun for us all and we think that these types of site will keep growing and adding new fantastic sales. I found some amazing new products that I would never have bought at full price, or better yet would never have known about.

Finally, beware of fakes and wannabe websites that call themselves private but are really only selling really old stuff or fake brands. Stick with the true and tested ones that we listed here.

Lots of Love
Valerie, Gina and Loren

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